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The quality of training that you can provide for your staff is crucial to the success of your business. A new systems project will highlight this still further, indeed Gartner quote ’Poor user training’ as the number one reason for the failure of many systems projects.


Eastek puts training right at the front of its priorities. Following the IFS recommended implementation methodology, there are three training stages;

1. Core Team Training : This educates the chosen project team members on the detail aspects of the IFS Applications software. It’s scope could be described as ‘All the ways that you could do it!’

2. Key User Training : This is training given to the departmental heads (or key knowledge staff) following the initial process definition. It’s scope can be described as ‘The way we think we should do your processes and why!’

3. End User Training : Once the system and the chosen processes have been fully tested and documented by the Project team and the Key Users, then they will train their collegues and other staff. This is very much ‘This is what you will do’ training.

Eastek has considerable experience in the planning, documentation and delivery of each of these training stages, either alone or in conjunction with IFS.


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